Our Operations

CNMC engages in continuous exploration and mining of gold-containing ores concurrently with the processing of mined ores to extract gold from CNMC’s deposits at the Sokor Gold Project in Malaysia, and to produce gold doré bars for sale.

Currently, CNMC focuses on the exploration, mining and production of gold at the Sokor Gold Project. The Sokor Gold Project has an area of approximately 10 sq km in the Ulu Sokor area in Kelantan, Malaysia. In 2017, CNMC further acquired two mining properties in Kelantan with 51% interest in CNMC Pulai Mining Sdn Bhd and 100% interest in Kelgold Sdn Bhd. CNMC Pulai currently has the rights to explore and mine gold in approximately 38.4 sq km whereas Kelgold has the right to explore gold in an area of approximately 15.5 sq km.

Since establishment, CNMC has been conducting exploration works to collect geological information about our deposits, while concurrently engaging in gold production. These works encompass geochemistry, geophysics, exploration drilling, and laboratory assays followed by geology and metallurgical studies. Independent third party geology and mining experts then estimate the level of CNMC’s Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves. Notwithstanding CNMC’s strategy of carrying out our exploration, mining, extraction and processing of mined ores concurrently at Sokor Gold Project, CNMC has been growing its gold Resources even after depletion for on-going mining activities. As a result of CNMC’s continuous exploration works, CNMC’s gold Resources had increased from 372,700 oz as of 30 June 2011 to 724,000 oz as of 31 December 2017.

CNMC is also carrying out early exploration activities at Kelgold, and CNMC Pulai concessions.

CNMC has three types of ore processing facilities to process the gold-containing ore extracted in the Sokor Gold Project, namely heap leaching facility, vat leaching facility and the newly completed Carbon-in-Leach facility. It also has a gold de-absorption facility for processing the gold-loaded carbon from the leaching facilities and casting into gold doré bars.

CNMC recognizes its success is, to a large extent, dependent on CNMC’s ability to keep exploring, developing and operating mines. While carrying out CNMC’s operations, CNMC is committed to sustainable development, protection of workers and the environment, and adding value to the communities in which CNMC operates.