Environmental Protection

As a mining-based company, the Group believes that it has a fundamental responsibility to manage effectively environmental impacts throughout the entire spectrum of its activities – from acquisition of land, to its development, operations and the disposal of waste.

In order to prevent air pollution and preserve the soil structure, CMNM uses manual methods such as bulldozing and stacking of tress when it comes to clearing of land.

CMNM manages and regularly monitors every environmental aspect in order to minimise adverse impact on the natural environment. In compliance with the environmental regulations, an Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) report was prepared by CMNM and approved by the DOE would in June 2009. An environmental management plan, which sets out the processes that CMNM will follow to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and minimise harm to the environment was subsequently approved by the DOE in April 2010.

CMNM recognises that environmental monitoring is an on-going obligation. To demonstrate its commitment to constant monitoring and auditing of environmental issues and impact, CMNM has appointed a licensed third party environmental monitoring organization, to monitor its mining operations. Our environmental monitoring consultant will keep the management of CNMC informed of any potential environmental risks or issues arising from its operations and to regularly provide feedback and report to CMNM with regard to its environmental practices. Environmental monitoring consultant’s engagement will continue on an on-going basis.

In FY2013, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (“UMK”), Faculty of Earth Science, conducted an independent study on the effects of gold mining on the physic-chemical water quality and benthic macro-invertebrate compositions in rivers located at Sokor mine site and was published in the “Journal of Applied Science in Environmental Sanitation” on September 2013. The results of the study showed that the ecosystem of the river in the area was healthy. This evident that CNMC’s operations at the Sokor gold mine site did not have any adverse impact on the Sokor River.